sabato 25 febbraio 2012

los angeles klub

i just stumbled accross few very good sites about the club scene in Los Angeles and the relative punk/wave bands..the line-ups of the gigs were great with punk bands togheter with new wave bands..and what now we are calling was nothing more than an original version of punk...but people should have been very open minded and opened to new sounds...i don't know if knowdays all the Gun Club fans will like the Nervous Gender even if they had played live togheter at the same night...or night like Germs and Johanna Went...crazy..
Also it's very important to keep in mind concerts and gigs along vinyl records..because there was some bands with a very impressive number of gigs but an insignificant record history (like the amazing Wild Kingdom)..
some clubs around LA area:

this was sat 25apr1981 at the Brave Dog , very rad night, with Speed Queens (Eva-O band), the killer synth-punk Unit 3 (mum, dad uncle and the 8year daughter Venus) plus the artpunk Stingers (spin off of Unit 3). Brave Dog was a venue in Los Angeles that last from 1980 till 1982 to became later the Theoretical project, a series of events and concerts around the l.a. clubs.
Over here the wonderful site with tons of infos about Theoretical nights.

in 1986 this gig with 54.40 ..a post-punk band from canada, with the Party Boys , an amazing l.a. tribal punk outfit and finally Soave Bolla (alice bag related). The flyer graphics is simply amazing (work of Jim Van Tyne one of the founders).
Another link that you should check is this one 

tons of gigs funny reviewed by an ex orange-county punk..nice and with a simple description you can definitively feel the concert and the atmosphere....a huge and impressive archive of gigs around los angeles could be found here on the Flipside magazine!..
also i must copy this passage taken from this great article over the L:A: Punk Rock 80s site.

''At first, the owner of the One Way's attitude about his DJs playing punk and experimental synth music was, "Our customers don't want to hear it, but we don't give a damn, we're playing it anyway." Eventually the patrons started liking what they heard and the club started to attract a more diverse, younger crowd.

The One Way is dark, there is a chain link fence that separates part of the space to the left of a bar that sits in the center of the club. The loud music is hearty mix of hardcore punk and techno/trance with lots of local bands represented, played some nights by DJ John Bryant who will take your requests.''
There's tooons of other stuff that i could write about the ON Klub, Anti-Club, Starwood ..but i'm tired and i wanna go to watch a movie

                smog marines

here for your pleasure some issues of No of the coolest L:A: fanzines

venerdì 24 febbraio 2012

zome singlez

Marina Swingers: Fun Fun Fun / Admiralty Way (7'' 1979 Admiralty Way Records)
line-up: Jocko (synth, vocals), Bliss (drums), Esteban (synth, vocals), Eddie (guitar, vocals)
They were from L:A: and belong to the los angeles punk/wave scene..They used to gig in idiot uniform just like Devo but waaaay much more in a less serious way..novelty stuff?maybe..but i think they fit perfectly in that period and they were cool and played along with Oingo Boingo, Wall of Voodoo, 20/20, Tropic of Pico (?) and Reeves Nevo (?)..
This single is a warped and twisted surf record! silly and wracking keyboards for one of the most retarded billy-o-billy single. ..catchy dumbiness..
You could find the other single over here. That cointans the astonishing 'Little Swine' an alien synth punk hit!
Marina Swingers myspace

OU2 - Bob Knobs / Just Plain Talk (7'' 1982)
From Hartford, CT , this obscure & weirdo single. Formed in 1979 by wife and husband, Rick McNamara & Suzanne Colton, with an equipment made by synthesizers & other mad electronics stuff, they released 2 tape 'OU2' (1980) and 'Owe Your Tu-Tu OU2's II' (1981) before releasing in 1982 their first and only vinyl appearance (and in my opinion their best stuff). Minimal wave bizarre and wacky...quirky stuff...male/female vocals, videogames sound effects, laser, bleep bleep...surrounded by great new wave songs..Rick record line-up: McNamara (lead vocals, guitar, Farfisa organ and EML Synkey synthesizer), Suzanne McNamara (vocals), Marc Tramonte (bass), Jeff Mann (EML Synkey synthesizer), Gerry Wentz (tape recall, Sound Gizmo and Casio VL Tone), Bernie Dubb (drums and percussion).
here you could find their website...their still active and if you like them their stuff!

V; - Dinner Music for the Starving (7'' 1980 Vee)
It's time for some Boston artpunk stuff!
Even if this was released through Vee Records (V; self-released label) usually V; were released by Propeller Records, one of the best independent new wave label from Boston.
'Don't Let the Bastards' and 'Wardrobes in Hell'  are two great artpunk songs with female vocals (a la Slits) ..while the a-side show an experimental dubbish side the b-side it's stuff for warped punk.
line-up: Susan Anway (vocals, percusion), Matt Burns (drums), Joe Cuneo (bass, vocals), Gary Gogol (guitar), George Petcoff (guitar, vocals)
they are still active and they got a website could order stuff

giovedì 23 febbraio 2012

wht's that?!

PUNKS ON ACID is the summary of all my web-works, blogs etc etc. It's gonna be something huge..covering both music and cinema and arts...visual and sounds...that got the same attitude...
the music will cover obscure and lost art-punk, quirky new wave, wacky and bizarre 80s records (somewhat i used to called Weird Wave)...
and movies that shares the sames skillz...grotesque ...disturbing and punk..
hope this will become a point of reference for who is searching this kind of wacky stuff

feel empathy weirdos